Calumet Christian School

Continuous Enrollment

NEW for 2024!

Continuous Enrollment Explanation 

Our Continuous Enrollment agreement will minimize the amount of paperwork and forms required from families each  consecutive year of enrollment. Families will not be required to submit annual re-enrollment documents.  We also will benefit from this arrangement as it allows for long term planning and minimizes our handling of the enrollment process each year. Remaining enrolled year to year at Calumet Christian Schools will be very simple and convenient. Once enrolled, families  need only notify us if they intend NOT to return.  If you are not certain about being at Calumet for the long haul, Continuous Enrollment may not be the choice for you at this time. There is NO penalty or disadvantage for choosing traditional enrollment.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What will Continuous Enrollment look like? 

 Students entering 1st grade and beyond consistently stay with Calumet until they reach the 8th grade. During a current student’s kindergarten grade year, Parents will be invited to commit to Continuous Enrollment. 

New Tuition and Fee schedules will  always be published in January for your review.  

This Year. You have the option to commit to Continuous Enrollment. ( for students entering 1st grade to 8th grade)

Next Year. You do nothing. You’re already enrolled!  ( Yearly we will ask parents to verify their information e.g. Emergency Contacts, phone numbers etc. as well as reviewing any policy updates )

What do I commit to paying when I enroll? 

• FACTS Account Fee ($225 grades 1-7  $350 grade 8 ) (billed through FACTS in January- or 3 equal payments in March, April and May) 

• The Tuition and Fees for the coming school year 

(due July 16 each year, billed through FACTS based on the payment option you choose)

  • pay a lump sum

  • make monthly payments

    • CE will not disrupt or alter any arrangement that involves the EdChoice Scholarship ( your payment selection with FACTS will reflect the amount given by the EdChoice Scholarship )

Do I have to commit to staying through graduation? 

We hope your students thrive at Calumet Christian School and walk across the stage at a May graduation. We understand this may not happen  for some families. Therefore, there is always an option to notify Calumet of your intention not to return and therefore be released from your Continuous Enrollment contract. Each year, the opportunity to be released from your contract without financial obligation for future years will be by the first business day in February.

What happens if I want to cancel my Continuous Enrollment Agreement? 

To cancel your Continuous Enrollment agreement for the upcoming school year, the Continuous Enrollment Opt-out Form must be submitted by the first business day of February of each year. If notice is received by this date, you will have no further financial  obligation for the following years. 

After the first business day of February, obligations remain for a percentage of tuition as follows:

withdrawal during February and March- 10% of tuition is due; 

withdrawal prior to May 31st - 20% of tuition is due; 

withdrawal during June and July - 30% of tuition is due; 

withdrawal during August  or after - 50% of tuition is due.  

This is part of our Financial Policy- adopted in January of 2024