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Calumet Christian School

New Preschool Students

If you are Applying as a new preschool student your application requires the following 3 forms to be submitted with your application for it to be complete:

A Physician or Child Care Statement, an Immunization Record, and a Birth Certificate

It will be very helpful to have an electronic file of these documents to attach to your application.

In addition - please consider the following as you consider bringing your student to preschool.

Should I enroll my child in preschool or should I wait a year? Here are a few questions to consider.


  • Is your child potty trained? He/she has the ability to stop what they’re doing to tell the teacher they need to go potty; able to wipe themselves; able to redress themselves in the event a clothing change is necessary. Practice with your child how to use public restrooms.

  • For 2 day preschool, age 3 by August 1

  • For 3 day preschool, age 4 by August 1


  • Does your child have some basic emotional regulation? They don’t have a tantrum when asked to do something, stop what they’re doing, or when they need to wait their turn.

  • Can your child follow simple directions without needing it repeated many times?

  • Is your child able to communicate/express their needs to an adult?

  • Can your child interact well with other children, both in play and conflict: using kind words and kind hands?

  • Is your child able to sit for a minimum of 10 minutes (excluding screen time) to focus on a story or activity?

  • Has your child had experience being left with another adult and trust that you will return to get them?

Of course, your child may have “off days,” but we’re looking for general consistency in the above areas.

What if your child isn’t ready?

Children develop differently, it’s okay if he or she is 3 years old and not ready. You can still work on these things at home.