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Calumet Christian School

About Us

Our Mission

Calumet Christian School exists to equip students to become spiritually, relationally, and intellectually minded contributors within their classroom and respective local communities.

Equipping Spiritually

Students will understand the flow of biblical history while apprehending the major theological doctrines of Christianity. With a growing comprehension of God’s grace, students will respond faithfully to the biblical world view and God’s call on their life. They will begin putting God’s truth into practice in their own lives as evidenced by growing character transformation, active involvement in a local church, and servant love towards one another. They will develop a burden for those who don’t know Christ and be willing to share the good news while being actively involved in their respective communities.

Equipping Relationally

Calumet is committed to teaching students social skills, which enable the students to relate in a positive way with others. Areas of focus in relational equipping include conflict resolution, good communication and listening skills, and how to engage with others beyond what comes easily. We aim to guide the students to use their relational strengths for the good of others at school, home, and in their respective communities.

Equipping Intellectually

Calumet is committed to instilling a love of learning with their students, not just teaching foundational facts and concepts. Regardless of academic aptitude, students will be taught how to learn so that they can use these skills for their academic career beyond Calumet, and for the rest of their lives. Students will come to enjoy being challenged mentally as they are encouraged to push beyond their natural comfort level and talents to become resilient and confident learners. They will be taught critical thinking skills and will be exposed to various world views. The goal is to enable them to be comfortable with people who do not necessarily agree with the Biblical worldview while engaging them in a winsome manner. They will also learn to thoughtfully critique cultural norms and values.