You can get started on Applying for the 22-23 school year

Equipping students
spiritually, relationally, and intellectually


There is always a lot happening at Calumet Christian Schools. Here you'll find a few important events and information.

Prayer for Calumet

Join our Prayer Team for Prayers for the Family, Staff and Students of Calumet Christian School. Tuesday mornings- in the Multi . Starting at 8:30

Parenting Meetings at Dwell

Dwell Community Church is hosting Monthly Parenting Meetings - Limited Childcare will be available!

More Info

Thinking about school next year ?

New Student Applications will be received starting January 18

Interested in becoming a part of the Calumet Family ?

Our family feels so blessed to have our children at Calumet Christian School, not only because they have high academic expectations for our kids, but also because they are getting a biblical perspective at school. There is a great community at the school and I love knowing that the teachers, staff, and volunteers are continually in prayer for our kids, the school, and the world around us!

Nina Young

My kids have been in Calumet for almost a decade. They and we have loved every year. The teachers are committed to excellence not only academically but also spiritually and relationally. I am confident that my kids are laying a foundation that will last them their entire lives. I am so grateful I can partner with this school to present my kids as workers for God.