Lunch at School 101

PSA for all soon-to-be “school-lunch-makin'” mamas...

Practice eating “school lunch” with your kiddo.

Make sure they can open everything you send with them.

Talk about eating over the table in the lunchroom!!!

Set a timer for 15 minutes and talk about how they might not finish eating and that’s ok.

Practice packing everything back up and talk about what is trash and what should come back home in their lunch box.

Practice getting a good seal on containers that hold LIQUID. (water bottles, beverage bottles, yogurt, salad dressing etc.

Show them what happens to the contents of the lunch bag- if the lunch bag is used as a punching bag, is swung around by the strap,if they play ‘whack a mole’ with it, or drop it from a high place. This will actually be a very helpful science experiment !!

Lunch at school is a big adjustment and your child’s teacher will be super appreciative if you have prepared them for the experience!