E-mail helps


Make sure that you will receive emails from us.

Good morning Parents,

               In the past, we have sent group emails from a Gmail address, or from School Messenger.   At some point, we performed a test of this system, which is part of our Emergency Preparedness Protocol.

               This year, we have a new Student Information System, known as FACTS.   This is a system that allows parents to edit their own information (yay!).   It will also allow for ONLINE REGISTRATION. (also YAY!! )

               Because it is new to all of us, there are little tweaks and fixes that need to be made almost daily.   We feel that we are making good progress there.

               It has come to our attention that some of you did not, or have not been receiving emails from us, regarding the re-opening plans.  This, I am sure, is very frustrating for you, and it is a big concern for us as well.

               Our Tech Support interactions have taught us that Gmail and Hotmail have very stringent Firewalls, that are likely blocking emails from FACTSmgt.com / RenWeb .

               The first place to check is your SPAM folder.  If you find one of our emails in there ( I will list subject lines at the end of this document), you can designate it as ‘not SPAM’ .  That’s one step.

The best way is to Whitelist





                              Click HERE for a how to in GMAIL

                              Click HERE for a how to in HOTMAIL

               At some point in the first month of school, we’ll be conducting a test of our Communications Portal.   I’m hoping that this bit of troubleshooting, will pay off for all of us down the road.

Here is the list of Subject Lines from emails that have already gone out :

7-10-20- Tentative Reopening Plans for Calumet

7-23-20 -Calumet  UPDATE – IMPORTANT

7-31-20 – Zoom Etiquette

8-25-20 – Beginning of Year Update for Calumet Christian School

8-25-20 – New Family Portal

We look forward to working with you and your students this year.  We thank you for your cooperation and patience with all the challenges that this year presents!


The Calumet Christian School  Office Staff.