Summer Hours - Monday to Thursday 9am to 2pm generally

Calumet Christian School

The 23-24 School Year

As we prepare for 23-24 Re Enrollment - please consider the following.

  • There are 2 separate application periods.

    • January 16:

      • Dwell Families applying for the first time will begin with an Application.

      • Any current student ( their family) will be invited to re-enroll via email.

    • February 6:

      • All other families can start submitting Applications.

If you are ready to get started, click here to Create an Account, complete the Application, and we'll be in touch!

  • Enrollment fees are listed below - with Application Fees being collected initially and Enrollment Fees being collected once it is determined that we can enroll your student. The amounts shown here, represent the sum of the Application and Enrollment Fees.

    • Preschool - $200

    • Elementary ( k-5) $225

    • Grades 6, 7 - $225

    • Grade 8 - $350

    • Application Fees are collected, applied to Enrollment costs, and are non refundable.

      • Should we be able to enroll your student, the (remaining) balance of the Enrollment costs will be collected.

        • Application fees for Preschool are $20

        • Application fees for grades K-8 are $100

Here is an example of the process for a new student enrollment :

  1. Family submits the application for the 4th grade student. ($100 to apply and pay for the assessment)

  2. School schedules an academic assessment for the student.

  3. The assessment is evaluated.

  4. The family may be invited to enroll.

  5. The family submits the Enrollment packet.

  6. At that time all fees will be paid. ( $125 paid at the time of enrollment- total cost for Enrollment at Calumet - see prices quoted above )