Calumet Christian School

COVID update

Current COVID Restrictions - Household

UPDATED August 2, 2022

Dear Staff and Families, 


We are planning to continue with our COVID policy- as was set in February 2022.


  1. Calumet will adopt a masks-optional policy. We will not require students to wear masks at school. Due to Columbus City School policy, all students will still need to mask at all times while on the bus. And we will continue to require masking for those who have been exposed to COVID for 10 days after the date of exposure. 

  2. Staff and Students will only be expected to stay home if they test positive for COVID. We still encourage testing for those who have been exposed or who are experiencing COVID symptoms, but we will not require people to stay home simply because they’ve been exposed. If a test comes back positive, the student or staff member will need to stay home for 5 days with day 0 being the first day of symptoms or the day the test was taken (whichever came first). 

  3. The school will only be contacting families about COVID in situations where their child may have been exposed via close contact to someone positive. We will no longer be sending emails to the whole school or whole class in the event of a single positive case. 


These changes were voted on by Calumet’s school board and approved by Dwell elders. We are excited to relax COVID standards a bit and felt it was a reasonable move given the factors listed below. 

            -the availability of vaccines for children

            -the low-risk of serious illness among children

            -the drop in COVID cases in Franklin County

            -‘mask fatigue’ among staff and students

            -many local schools also adopting a mask-optional policy


Navigating this virus has been a long and difficult road. We at Calumet have been grateful for your flexibility and cooperation.


Thank you,

Tyler Wriston


Calumet Christian School