One option, is to park WITHIN the gate, in a single row :

  • between the soccer goal nets or
  • backing into or facing the RAVINE
  • DROP OFF your students in the DROP OFF \ PICK UP LINE- students enter or exit ALONGSIDE THE PORCH only
  • PLEASE STAY OUT OF THE WAY OF BUSSES. If they are arriving , and are behind you, Yield to them getting past you.

See Photos #1 or #2

One option, is to park in the LOT where there are painted lines, and you can also park, in single file, along the FENCE LINE up the driveway. This is Photo #3

Another option, is to park in the small church’s parking lot- just across the bridge on Calumet street. There is a walkway that comes down in the corner of OUR lot. This is shown in Photo #4